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Mission: The Iowa Beef Center mission is to enhance the vitality, profitability and growth of the Iowa beef industry through timely and relevant producer education, applied research and improved access to information.
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Cocked rear ankle of beef steer. Whether you were unable to attend the Hairy Heel Wart and Cattle Lameness Symposium on June 28 or you were there and would like to refresh your recollection on the topics and speakers, we have just the thing. Four archived videos and one presentation in pdf are now available.
Blue-green algae along water's edge.

Continuing drought in northwest Iowa is forcing producers to alter their grazing plans. Fortunately they have “detours." Beth Doran, Iowa State University extension beef specialist said there are several avenues to consider, and reducing the stocking rate is top of that list.


Dealing with stress: Serious financial and other stresses continue to impact and affect those in our agricultural community. There are some resources to help deal with a variety of stress concerns and grief. Remember also that the Iowa Concern Hotline is always available at 800-447-1985, and at

Beef Quality Assurance program graphic Looking for a BQA workshop? Check this listing on this page of the Iowa Beef Industry Council website for a location near you. This page also has links to our IBC personnel, online BQA training, information on BQA transportation trainings and more.
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