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Cattle grazing in field. Best management practices for winter care of the cow herd aren’t always evident, especially when those unfamiliar with raising livestock see animals outdoors in open fields during cold, snowy weather without apparent access to shelter. A recent Iowa State University study was designed to evaluate whether the effects of winter grazing or confinement for winter care of beef cows in Iowa would have any impact on the physical condition of the cow or the calf born to the cow in spring.
Cattle grazing in field. Nearly half of all Iowa counties are now authorized for emergency haying or grazing use of Conservation Reserve Program acres for fiscal year 2023. The USDA-FSA made the announcement July 31, with emergency grazing ending Sept. 30, 2023, for 46 Iowa counties. CRP participants are eligible to seek approval for either emergency haying or emergency grazing, but cannot do both on the same acres. See more information, including additional detail, dates and requesting approval, on the FSA website.
Red Angus cattle in feedlot. Some financial relief is in sight for cattle producers following recent extreme weather conditions. USDA's Farm Service Agency announced it has updated its Livestock Indemnity Program payment rate to support livestock producers in the Midwest who have lost cattle to the high heat and humidity experienced this summer. ISU extension beef specialist Beth Doran explains.
Pasture in drought condition. Iowa is fortunate to have corn as a major cropping enterprise. That's why it's important to keep harvest management tips in mind, according to Iowa State University extension beef specialist Beth Doran.
Weaned calves. As forage resources dwindle in times of drought producers may need to consider early weaning options for the cow herd. Early weaning is designed to save body condition on the females by ending lactation and decreasing nutritional requirements. Terry Engelken of Veterinary Diagnostic & Production Animal Medicine at Iowa State University said early weaned calves may present health challenges.
Pasture in drought condition. As rainfall totals remain low, drought potential remains everpresent. Check our drought resources page for information and links to a variety of resources and people who can help you plan for the road ahead.
Dealing with stress: Serious financial and other stresses continue to impact and affect those in our agricultural community. There are some resources to help deal with a variety of stress concerns and grief. Remember also that the Iowa Concern Hotline is always available at 800-447-1985, and at
Beef Quality Assurance program graphic. Looking for a BQA workshop? Check this listing on this page of the Iowa Beef Industry Council website for a location near you. This page also has links to our IBC personnel, online BQA training, information on BQA transportation trainings and more.
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